We are Kay and Cinda, both members at Faith Sisters. We have teamed up to participate in season five of the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking. Follow the challenges with our layouts here. The adventure begins Sunday, February 7, 2010.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Here's my #12

ADSR #12

For challenge number 12 we are to create a card and an envelope. This challenge can be found here: http://aimeeasher.com/community/forums/display_topic/id_7253/Amazing-Digi-Race-Season-5update/

It was a nice challenge and I will use the card. Here is what I created:

I am so glad you invited me to play with you Cinda. I hope we can play again. Now just to wait for the final prizes.

Meowy Christmas ADSR #11

HeeHee, I love this layout. I really enjoy working on Humpty Dumpty challenges. I love my cat.

Using:Chelly Oliveira Designs/Precious Christmas KitAlpha: MSD/Butterfly Kisses Kit

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Old Cat ADSR #9

Love this challenge. I do not use stitching and glitter very often, but enjoyed it in this layout.
I just love the personality of this cat. We have 3 and KC is the most spirited. She fetches, drinks out of the toilet, hides in wierd places, and is always waiting at the door for us at the end of the day. I swear she even talks to us with her odd little sounds. We love her. This shot of her sticking out her tongue was taken the day challenge #9 came out so I had to incorporate it.


1. bead swirls/Digital Compilations by Cinda: Festival Fractals (had no idea this was her first little kit that she used in her #9 challenge--how funny is that) 2.(+paint)3 Glitter paint splats by unknown3. 2 alphas: Michelle Batton (flair alpha)/Ariane Rezende (sweet alpha)4. patterned paper: 4SB (artful mess and basic colors)5. B/W photo6. metal clip: SP(Happy go Lucky)7. Stitching: SP(Happy go Lucky)8/9. funky font and journaling. just played around with the arrangement of the journaling

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our inspiration

Papers, embellishment, stock photo and word art from Digital Compilations by Cinda, "Spring Break" coming to Divine Digital March 18th.

Challenge #10 is at Inspiration-Lane

Your Inner Artist

This is an intersection challenge, so both racers must work on a single layout

We are all about inspiration around here - we strive to inspire you to create the best pages you can with forum challenges, blog challenges, freebies, wishes, ... so we want to know....

What inspires your inner artist?

It can be anything from kids to hubbys to other people in your lives to places you've been/live/work... you get the idea we want to see what inspires you in your life! (it does not have to be scrap-related!)

Your layout must include 2 photos - 1 photo from each racer - that show what inspires each of you in your lives

That's it! no other requirements, just let the inspiration flow.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Challenge #9

A bit whimsical, but done!

Challenge #9 is up at Oscraps

The first step of the challenge is to look at the color wheel. You and your partner must choose opposing colors on the wheel, so for example, if you pick blue, your partner must use orange. It should be the predominant color in the layout but it does not have to be the only color used. Please use THIS color wheel to make your selections. As long as you are using opposing colors, they do not have to be in the same band.

The second step is incorporate this quote in some way.
“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” - Mary Lou Cook
You can use any part of this quote as your inspiration. For example, you could make a layout about growing. You could make a layout about breaking the rules, etc. You can use any part of the quotes or words from the quote. The quote itself does NOT have to appear on your page.

The third step is to include the following:
You MUST include paint. This item is mandatory.

Then, pick 7 more from this list:
black and white photo
2 alphas
something metal
patterned paper
funky font

Please note that an item does NOT count for more than one category. So, for example, if you were to use a glitter swirl, it would either count for swirls OR glitter, NOT for both. You MUST have different pieces for each of your seven mandatory items. Also, if you decide not to use a black and white photo, that's fine, you can still use color photo(s) or no photo. You can use anything else that you want on your layout as long as you meet the mandatory requirements.

ADSR # 7 and 8

This is a lot of fun Cinda. I am enjoying being a little outside my box. This one was way outside my box. I usually do not dream of what I may do in the future. I tend to firmly plant my feet in the here and now. I have a few plans, but certainly not 50. Anyway, here they are.
Using Busy Mama Designs: Shabby Chic Kit

What a funny thing.....I finished my challenge 7 with the exact set up that was asked for in challenge 8. I figured why not just use what I had. I should get moving on some of that list anyway. Using: Dielle Designs/Berries and Butterflies kit3 different butterflieslots of daisieswooden bucketstrawberriesblueberrylots of beads3 different ribbonsArrow (from PSE5 elements)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Challenge #8

Challenge #8 is up at Elemental Scraps

This is a FAST FORWARD Challenge! The first team to complete this challenge will have the option of SKIPPING next week's challenge if they choose!

We've all said "someday...". Whether it's "someday, I'm going to get this filing cabinet cleared" or "someday, I'm going to find happiness" or anything in between. So, we want to see your "someday".

In order to allow as much creative license as possible, we have very few stipulations about what you need to use on your layout, but of course there are a few.

- Your layout must contain journaling. Whether you choose for it to be 1 line of journaling, or an entire page of journaling, is up to you.

- Somewhere in your journaling or title it must say "someday". If you want to make the title 'Someday', that's fine. If you would rather make your title something else completely and just mention 'someday' in the journaling, that works too. Even if you happen to have a 'someday' word art you want to use, that's fine as well! As long as we can see 'someday' on your page somewhere, it counts!

- We love elements here at Elemental Scraps, so of course we would love to see some on your page. At least 10 of them! But, use your creativity! If you want to use 10 pieces of ribbon and no other elements, that's fine! If you pick one button, 3 staples, 2 flowers, 3 ribbons and a frame, that works too. If in doubt, feel free to add more.

- I am currently obsessed with tone on tone papers. So, I'd like the background of your page to be a tone on tone patterned paper. If you don't have any tone on tone papers in your stash, you can use the one below. Otherwise, tone on tone paper you already have will work.

**Alphas with elements as part of their design, ie. a staple or a stitch, do not count toward the 10. Neither do the items in a pre-made cluster. If you add a flower that has a button and a stitch built into it, that is 1 item. If YOU build a flower with a button and stitch by adding all 3 items to the page, then it counts as 3. Only items that you physically add to the page count toward the 10 required elements. Pre-constructed items and clusters count as one item. If it's one .png file, it's one item. If it's 2 .png files, it's 2 items. And so on. Papers do not count toward the 10, even if it's a shaped paper mat. Journaling spots or frames made of paper, however, do. Remember, it's a
minimum of 10, so if you are in doubt, you can always add more!**

**The journaling and title must be 2 separate items. A multi-word title can not be counted as journaling, and the journaling can not be considered the title.**

**We would prefer to see a photo, but if you're moved to do a journaling only layout with no photo, that's ok too! However you want to handle the photo situation is ok by us.**

**You do not have to use ES products on your layout - but of course we'd love it if you did!**

**Tone on tone paper means any paper with the background and the pattern being 2 shades of the same color. Dark purple base with light purple damask. Light blue base with dark blue dots. Kraft base with brown dots. And so on. See our example paper for a good idea of what we mean, and if it's still not clear, feel free to use ours.**

**Your background must be visible and clearly "the background". Obviously you can have stuff on top of it, so long as we can still see that it's the paper you used as the base for your layout. Feel free to layer stuff on top of it, just don't obscure it completely and you're good!**

**If you are using our paper for your base, you are free to recolor it to match your layout, provided it maintains it's tone on tone appearance and the pattern is still visible.**

That's it! We truly hope you put your own spin on this challenge and think of what "someday" means to you. It can be funny or serious, traditional or artsy, just be YOU! We can't wait to see what you create!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Bucket List

#7 The Bucket List

Scrap 50 Things you would like to do in your lifetime. (While a Bucket List is typically a list of 100 things you would like to do in your lifetime, we've cut the number down to 50, given that you are all under a serious time constraint. However, if you would like to list more than 50 things, you may!)

When making your list, please keep your items realistic, things you could actually do, achieve and cross-off your list. For instance, we would all love to win the Lottery, but we have no real control over or means to ensure we are the winner, so it's not a feasible goal. Your items can be small, outrageous, bizarre, modest.. just make sure you have at least 50 of them!